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Everyone's fitness journey is unique.
FitGPT will coach you through yours.
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A Workout Planner That Adapts To You.

Set your Goals

Workouts are generated adaptively to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be.

start your Training program

Your weekly plan is custom designed to conquer your goals with the equipment you have.

Calibrated to Your Lifestyle

Workouts account for your lifestyle, past injuries, hobbies, dietary restrictions, and anything else you choose to share.

Revise your Workouts

If there's something about your workout that you want to tweak, simply ask and receive an updated version in real-time.

Listens to Feedback

Describe how your workout went and your future workouts will adapt to be the best fit for you.

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Discover Daily Recovery Insights.

Data-driven Recovery Scores

Know how well recovered you are based on your sleep, heart rate, and activity data.

Calibrated Workout Intensity

Workouts are designed to be the right intensity for how well recovered you are today.

Recovery History

Go back in time and see how recovered you were each day over the past two weeks.

In-depth Recovery Details

See the factors that are impacting your recovery and learn to mitigate or maximize them.

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